Our Process


So you have the functioning of your device compromised? You feel like you are done with it, follow the following steps and you will get the best results.

#1. Inquire about what you want

You can contact us from the contacts that have been outlined on our website. Call or send us an email to ask about what can be done to the problem facing your gadget, don’t forget to leave your address and shipping means because after all is done, the products will have to be shipped to the owner again.

#2. Repair process

Professionals who have been on practice for over forty years will then open your device and carry out an analysis of every part. This is a transparent process where every fault found is communicated to the owner of the gadget to ensure that he or she gets informed of what is happening. This way, it becomes a fair game to avoid the customer from thinking that some charges were unnecessarily imposed on the services offered. The gadget will undergo serious analysis to determine all the problems so that they are properly fixed to avoid leaving other problems behind.

#3. Hard drive and RAID data recovery.

This is for those who have problems in poor formats, poor data partitions and poor file management which has resulted to mixing of the information. Deleted files and corrupted files or files that have been eaten up by viruses. These are among the services that we excellently eradicate to ensure that your data is restored back to your device. USB data recovery can also be performed because the professionals have broad knowledge in computer forensics which make them to be able to scrutinize any device to regain any lost data and formats for it to be fine.