How to never lose your data ever again?


#1. Schedule files

Ensure that you regularly schedule your files so that you are always on point. This is because files tend to format themselves and welcome a virus if they stay in the same way for long. Get a drill system where you can arrange your files perfectly regularly to prevent data loss. This is the best way to ensure that data remains safe throughout.

#2. Risk free zones.

Keep your data containing gadgets in risk free zones where there is no dust or many people coming into contact with the device? This way, you will minimize data loss through the physical damage that could interfere with your machine. If possible, you need to back up data regularly so that you make it fresh and updated always thereby being new at all times which makes it safe.

#3. Consider having external storage.

You feel like you are at risk, transfer all the data to external drives and disks so that it does not get lost completely. Just ensure that everything has been sorted appropriately so that you have the best data ever. Having a power back up is another way of ensuring that you get your data safe.

#3. When the worst happens.

Is it possible to recover data from formatted hard disk? This is the question I have come across several times from computer users. There is no need to panic if you have accidentally formatted your hard disk containing important files. With the help of right tools you still have chances to restore your valuable files, data or photos even after format either yourself or by a professional data recovery company who can help you to recover most, if not all, of the erased data on the disk.

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