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How to never lose your data ever again?


#1. Schedule files

Ensure that you regularly schedule your files so that you are always on point. This is because files tend to format themselves and welcome a virus if they stay in the same way for long. Get a drill system where you can arrange your files perfectly regularly to prevent data loss. This is the best way to ensure that data remains safe throughout.

#2. Risk free zones.

Keep your data containing gadgets in risk free zones where there is no dust or many people coming into contact with the device? This way, you will minimize data loss through the physical damage that could interfere with your machine. If possible, you need to back up data regularly so that you make it fresh and updated always thereby being new at all times which makes it safe.

#3. Consider having external storage.

You feel like you are at risk, transfer all the data to external drives and disks so that it does not get lost completely. Just ensure that everything has been sorted appropriately so that you have the best data ever. Having a power back up is another way of ensuring that you get your data safe.

#3. When the worst happens.

Is it possible to recover data from formatted hard disk? This is the question I have come across several times from computer users. There is no need to panic if you have accidentally formatted your hard disk containing important files. With the help of right tools you still have chances to restore your valuable files, data or photos even after format either yourself or by a professional data recovery company who can help you to recover most, if not all, of the erased data on the disk.

4 IT and computer conferences in 2016


#1.CVPR : IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


One of the most powerful computer conferences that will be attended by high profile computer gurus who understand all the computer forensics. The conference will be hosted by the people who had first class honors from the university and have been practicing computer science for about ten years or more to equip people with the necessary knowledge on what is good to for your data devices that you use every day. It is planned to happen on Jun 26, 2016 at Les Vegas States.

#2. International World Wide Web Conferences


Still in April 2016 at Montreal Canada, this conference features all the development that have been made so in the world of technology and is aiming at making people to have the best awareness in all areas of technology. It has invited major guests to come and give talks to the technology enthusiasts who want to be more equipped in all areas. This makes the conference eligible for all people with data management firms as well as network service providers who want to have perfect knowledge of developing the best communication channels.

#3. Computer Human Interaction


On May 7th 2016, this will be the big event under all categories in San Jose United States where computer gurus would be crowding to hear the real information regarding computers. It features all the types of computers that have been invented and it will be hosting major manufacturers like hp and Dell who are the leading brands after Apple takes the lead. There would be representatives of Apple Mac Company to talk about what is in store for their customers. If you are serious to knowing what is in the world of technology, this is the best conference to attend.

3 data recovery blogs you should follow


#1. The Data recovery blog


This is the end point for all your data discover teachings. It is managed by data recovery specialist called Kroll who a computer science guru is holding some top academic credentials regarding data recovery. The blog features some the authoritative mechanisms that people can use to regain data from their gadgets. It also has listing regarding the best recovery shops and workstations across the whole globe making people to aware of who to call or contact in case they experience a data loss in their gadgets.

#2. Stellar Data Discovery


Well, this is another blog that people use because it serves as the hub for all the data recovery option. It has information about data recovery forensics and the study of how to ensure you do not lose your data. It has the best guides on how to improve your data security through reliable proven ways that would make data recovery possible and easy. It is known to have the best writers who are experienced in computer science and technology information who provide trustworthy information that makes the repair process easy and quick.

#3. DTI data recovery


You don’t have to actual go far on this, even when you Google the name, they are top ranked because of the outstanding services that they provide. They are the best to ensure that data recovery is made possible. You have deleted files, corrupted files or formatted storage files, this is the best place where you will find all the guides to ensure that your data has been fully recovered. You do not have to struggle to find who is to fix your data issue, just ensure that you get the best data recovery tool from this blog.